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Terri Cheechov, MCD - May 2020

Hi Shirley, I just had to tell you this! My son who is in First Grade has been reading in small groups with his teacher and the other students in his classroom on the group meets (because of school closing due to COVID-19). I was amazed at how advanced he was with his reading skills when the children took turns reading! When he was reading, it was like he was talking or having a conversation and so easy for him. I told my husband that we definitely made the right decision with sending our children to Bright Meadow for preschool. His teacher told me she was not worried about him at all with his grammar and phonics. When they work on classifying sentences with subjects, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, and prepositional phrases, he jumps way ahead and finishes the whole page before the teacher is done with the lesson. I just had to share this with you! His kindergarten teacher was so impressed last year too with how much he already knew!

Terri Cheechov, MCD

My daughter began attending Bright Meadow Christian Preschool in the fall of 2011 at the age of four. The curriculum which includes exposure to Phonics, word building, letters, name writing, and math was a great beginning to build upon and to expand her learning potential. When she was age 4-1/2, I overheard her in the playroom reading Dr. Seuss books to her baby dolls. At first I thought she was reading by the pictures in the books. As I listened more closely, it was evident she was reading word for word! It was truly amazing to see her grow in her love for reading!

She is currently a student at West End Elementary and was enrolled in their Spanish Immersion Program when it was offered. She continues to excel academically. At the end of the 2nd grade, her last reading test scores showed she was reading at the 8th grade level!

My son began attending Bright Meadow in 2016. His teachers have shared with me how well he was prepared for both kindergarten and 1st grade and were impressed with how much he already knew in the areas of math and grammar!

I hold a Master's Degree in Child Development. I attribute my children's exposure to the curriculum they received at Bright Meadow as a wonderful building block that reinforced their learning skills. For both my husband and I, finding a Christian-based preschool was important to us. We consider it a blessing to have found Bright Meadow Christian Preschool right here in our community of Seven Lakes!

Jennifer M.

All 3 of our children attended Bright Meadow and I could not be more pleased with our experience! The teachers truly cared about the students and there was a great balance of learning and play time. I was amazed with how well they could all read upon completing their multi-sensory phonics system. They were more than prepared for Kindergarten.

Amanda H.

My son attended Bright Meadows for preschool and was thoroughly prepared to enter kindergarten both academically and socially. He made sweet friends and was loved by his teachers. We couldn't have asked for a better experience! Bright Meadows will always have a special place in our hearts.

Sarah M.

I could not recommend Bright Meadow enough! My daughter started in March not knowing any of her letters and by the end of the school year (June) she not only knew them all, reading and writing, but was also starting to sound out words in the books we were reading. I feel 100% confident that she is going to school to not only have a blast with her friends but to be filled with so much wonderful information. We have now been in class with each of the teachers at Bright Meadow and each one has surpassed my expectations.

Donna P.

We have used Kool Kids as well as Bright Meadow Christian School for both of our children. We have nothing but good to say about both programs. They use a multi-sensory phonics program and we are really surprised with how far our son has come along and how ready he is for kindergarten with flying colors.

Stephanie H.

I cannot say enough how much Bright Meadow prepared my child for Kindergarten. My daughter developed a love for learning thanks to Mrs. St.Onge and all of the staff. I look forward to my youngest child attending Bright Meadow in the near future!

The Reverend Dr. Mark Andrew Carver

Bright Meadow Preschool provided my 4 year old daughter a wonderful beginning and strong foundation for all of her future education. The warm and nurturing environment established by Mrs. Norlin ensured my daughter’s love of learning and a high level of confidence in a school environment. Structured social interaction and stimulating class time created a desire for attending school and for achieving ever greater competence. I will forever be in debt to Mrs. Norlin and her excellent teachers and staff for what they did for us at Bright Meadow.

Michelle C.

Bright Meadows was an incredible place for our preschool-aged son. Because he came to us through the gift of international adoption, English was his second language. The kinesthetic learning he experienced at Bright Meadow helped him conquer the alphabet quickly, and his teachers were always warm, patient and kind. Even though he had only heard English for half of his life, by the time he graduated from the 4-year-old classroom at Bright Meadow, he entered kindergarten already reading!

Kim W.

My two youngest girls have spent the last three years attending Bright Meadow Christian Preschool. We have experienced all three of Bright Meadow’s different classe levels. Each teacher has been extremely helpful is meeting my daughters’ needs. My daughter, S., could barely stand to say a word outside of family when she first arrived at Bright Meadow but teachers patiently worked with her shyness, at her rate. They included her in activities at the level she wanted to participate and encouraged her. Now she is a thriving happy first grader! My youngest, P., has also had a wonderful time growing at Bright Meadow. It is so fun to watch her develop under the direction of wonderful staff that love their job.

It has been my experience that the Director, Shirley Norlin, and staff attend to any concerns immediately. Safety of the students is foremost in planning, staffing, and day-to-day interactions. I’ve felt very comfortable leaving my daughters due to Bright Meadow procedures, policies and attention to any new concerns.

One of the best things about Bright Meadow is the curriculum. Their multi-sensory reading program is easy to learn and fun to recall. My three older children have attended other preschools and I thought that they were “Kindergarten ready” until S. attended Bright Meadow and I saw what Kindergarten ready really looked like. She was able to catch onto reading earlier than my older children and I do believe it was because of the excellent sound, sight and movement curriculum at Bright Meadow. Now P. is experiencing the same with the curriculum and I expect her to be just as ready for Kindergarten next year.

I’m so thankful that Bright Meadow is part of my village that is helping me with my sweet children. I feel lucky to have found them!

Jennifer R.

I was just helping my daughter do her "homework" (Pre-K school work she missed last week while at grandma and papa's) and she asked me what she needed to do when she got to a certain part. I halfway jokingly said 'read the instructions' ... and she did! She pointed to each word and sounded them out and read the instructions all by herself!!! So proud of my sweet girl and thanks so much to her amazing teacher!! I have been reading to her and she's been sounding out words some, but this is the first time I have heard her literally read with no help!

G.’s Parents

Bright Meadow’s curriculum, structure, and music helped our son to do nothing but grow! Thank you for your professionalism and excellent parent communication!
P.S. G. is still singing your songs about the planets and the colors of the rainbow!! G. is thriving today in first grade!

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