Preschool Curriculum

Advanced Kindergarten Prep
in Seven Lakes

Our Essentials to Advanced Curriculum integrates instruction at each Curriculum Level, covering Bible Stories, Character Building, Obedience Training, Language Arts, Phonics, Math, Handwriting, Fine Motor Skills, Calendar, Weather, Colors, Shapes, Solar System, Continents, Spanish Introduction, and more.  All levels work on the same alphabet letter, number, color and shape each week, as well as reviewing the entire alphabet each week. 


Public School Standard

According to recent educational studies, the following are eight preferences for Kindergarten entrance to public schools.

Recognize:  Basic colors, simple shapes, numbers 1-10, alphabet letters.

Be able to:  Write first name, count to 20, hold a pencil properly, say the alphabet.


Bright Meadow Advanced Performance Observed

For many years, parents and elementary school teachers have confirmed to us that most of our graduates have consistently gone beyond these desired preferences, well exceeding the public school standards noted above.  Learn how your child can accomplish this and gain an academic advantage at Bright Meadow!

Elementary School Testimony

“My son attended Bright Meadows for preschool and was thoroughly prepared to enter kindergarten both academically and socially. He made sweet friends and was loved by his teachers. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Bright Meadow will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Amanda H.

Unique Approaches
for All Learning Styles

Kinesthetic Phonics

Language Arts curriculum integrating science, geography, social studies, and crafts! Multi-sensory neuro-developmental & whole-body signals are used for letter & phonics sound retention. Preschool Essentials to K4 level instruction. Word building, vowels, sight words, word families, consonant blends, syllables, sentence structure, punctuation, literature, reading, writing and more!

Progressive Perceptual
Motor Handwriting

Writing exercises incorporating traditional teaching to develop form recognition and orientation, fine-motor & linear control, fluency, eye-hand coordination, and spacial judgment! Guidance for proper pencil grip and instruction on writing first name and letters!

Progressive Math

Essential to Advanced Curriculum instruction up to K4 level. Simple counting to 10, basic shapes, 10 frame, rote counting to 30, 50 then 100, quantities, patterning, solid shapes, zero concept, graphing, and simple adding and subtracting!

Brain Gym®
Educational Kinesiology

Body exercises that enhance whole-brain learning! Specific movements “Switch-On” brain-integration mechanisms and target specific learning areas. Potential is increased! Helps prevent/move past learning blocks!

Spanish Intro

Numbers, colors, and vocabulary introduction!

Character Building
& Bible Lessons

Teaching that encourages good choices, respectfulness, responsibility, self- discipline & orderliness, to grow in self-esteem & love for God!

Lesson Time

Helping your child reach for the stars!!!  As is customary with the Montessori-style of education, children of various ages attend the same class.  In our classes with combined ages, group lessons are taught at the higher level.  Older children gain self-esteem being models for younger children.  This is beneficial for younger children and/or those performing at a lower or average level, as it continually exposes them to more challenging work for them to attain as they are ready.  They are then able to have more learning opportunities to advance in performance.

Seat Work Instruction

Our seat work instruction is taught to each student individually.   This gives each child an opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction from their teacher.  Group instruction is also incorporated for older classes as they are ready.  We generally begin by offering age-level worksheets.  However, if a child is ready for more challenging work, we will provide it.  They may be ready for the next level of phonics worksheets, but may be at their age-level worksheet for math, or vice versa.

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