Mrs. Shirley Ptak Norlin

Playing it Forward

    Thank you for reading about my Bright Beginnings; I appreciate your further interest!   I gained first-hand experience with my children who attended public and private schools, two requiring academic accommodations and who were home schooled several times due to their needs, and special college application preparation.  As a result, it has been a pleasure for me to occasionally serve as a Child and Parent Advocate and Consultant to support parents in their efforts, challenges, and decisions regarding areas of child behavior management, home schooling, public school IEP and private school recommendations and communications.  

   In addition, my leading Parenting and Child Rearing home groups for several years and serving as both a teacher and Director at Bright Meadow Christian Preschool for over 15 years has also enabled me to advise parents in various areas.  I am happy to come along side of parents, offering a listening ear and guidance for the best interest of their children.

    I’m thankful to my four children who have worked with me over the years. I am proud of their accomplishments:  a civil engineer, community newspaper owner, environmental engineering student, and pre-professional dancer and health and fitness coach.  I could not enjoy the success of these ministries without their love and support!  

    My husband, John Norlin, also shares an interest in ministering to young people.  He and his late wife welcomed many troubled teens into their home to mentor and foster reconciliation to their families.  He is an accomplished musician who served many years on worship teams, played in symphonies and a traveling Gospel band, served as a sports coach for elementary students, and was raised in the church under his father who was a Baptist pastor.

    I’m also grateful for the dedicated teachers who have loved and taught our students and have supported my vision for Bright Meadow.  Much appreciation and special thanks are extended to Ashley St.Onge, who has been by my side over 10 years, and Carrie Tapley who dedicated seven years teaching here, both who have been instrumental in the development of Bright Meadow’s foundation, and our current teachers, Melissa Garske and Terry Noll, and our others teachers who have supported Bright Meadow over the years!  

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