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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your children an attractive Christian environment while maintaining the high standards of private education.  Our work is our personal ministry to join you in guiding your children to develop a love for God and positive character traits.  Our heart is for your children to grow in self-confidence, self-esteem and the enjoyment of learning.

Educational Launch

Bright Meadow kids get a jump-start to elementary success!  In our semi-structured classes, most students gain a mastery of basic math, phonics and early reading!  Our fun and integrated curriculum is attractive to children.  Our instruction involves multi-sensory approaches that results in greater and quicker retention and accommodates various learning styles.

Soaring Performance

Students who have attended two years generally complete our K4 level class (Kindergarten for 4-year olds) and graduate from Bright Meadow with early reading & advanced skills!  As a result, we have received positive comments from parents and elementary teachers for many years.  The majority of our graduates demonstrate above-average performance for their Kindergarten registration assessment and maintain advanced skills throughout elementary years!

Instructional Benefits

Bright Meadow provides 3.75 hours per day of education, Monday through Friday, more hours per school year than many other preschools!   We generally keep the same schedule as Moore County Schools, except first and last day.   We offer 2, 3, 4 and 5-day attendance schedules.  In addition, students on a partial-week schedule attend on consecutive days, rather than alternate days, which eliminates a skipped day.  This enables students to attend without the need to re-adjust to class routine and environment due to having a day off.  Our curriculum builds upon the previous day’s lesson, so attendance on consecutive days also provides consistency and largely contributes to accelerated learning. 

A Message from Our Director

Welcome parents and family members!

    Like other Bright Meadow families, you will find our program to be the “Bright” light you want in your child’s learning environment!  Thank you for considering Bright Meadow Christian Preschool, where your child will receive the advantage of exceptional preschool instruction for a strong academic foundation!  Invest a few minutes to browse our website by starting with our Mission Statement and Our Philosophy.  You will become familiar with who we are, learn about our approaches to teaching, and be able to determine if we offer the best program for your child’s success!

    Most of our graduates acquire skills that are well above the standard preferences for Kindergarten enrollment!  We attribute this to our dedicated teachers and our curriculum enhancements which help launch our students into academic success!  Investing in children’s early preschool education is proven to be valuable.  We hope you find our rates to be reasonable for the quality of instruction your child will receive at Bright Meadow! 

    Though we are private and not church or state supported or affiliated, we consider our work to be our ministry and thank you for the privilege of allowing us to join you in the moral and academic education of your child!  Our heart is for them to grow in self-esteem and a love for learning so they can reach their dreams.  Our hope is that each of our students fulfills the destiny of God’s call on their life by recognizing and using the gifts and talents He has given to each of them!

    We look forward to equipping your child to soar at Bright Meadow!  Don’t forget to check out our wonderful Parent Testimonials!

Shirley Ptak Norlin, Director
Bright Meadow Christian Preschool

    Bright Meadow Christian Preschool opened in 2003.  Our goal is to provide an attractive Christian environment while maintaining the high standards of Private Education.

    Unlike most other preschools, we offer semi-structured preschool academic education including fun multi-sensory phonics curriculum beginning with students age 2 to 4.  Introducing phonics at age 2 establishes a foundation for the following years which speeds learning.  Most students attending full weeks for two years or more will gain a mastery of simple adding and subtracting, early reading and more, thereby achieving and demonstrating abilities beyond their age level. 

    We are honored to partner with you in guiding your children to develop a love for God, orderliness, social skills, respectfulness and responsibility, in addition to providing quality preschool education!

    Bright Meadow is non-denominational and Christian-based in its philosophy.   We are an academic preschool which incorporates Christian-based standards for teaching Bible and moral character traits to guide children towards their best responses in their mind, heart, will, and actions.  Their “work” in a Montessori-style environment is combined with traditional and multi-sensory instruction including areas of practical life, language arts, mathematics, science & nature, geography, arts & crafts, Spanish introduction, Bible stories, social skills, & more!

    Our curriculum approach serves children with different learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic and creative).  Children are encouraged to develop curiosity, explore a variety of materials, ask questions and find answers.  We give children opportunities to learn in combined-aged classrooms, a traditional and successful Montessori approach, along with group and individual instruction. We provide many unique free-choice and child-centered activities that children may not be regularly exposed to at home in order to create interest and motivation!  

Secure Learning Environment

To better ensure the security of your child, we use a Proximity Card Access System!  This system grants access into our locked facility only to enrolled families who possess a valid Prox Card; therefore, only authorized persons may enter.   It also uses tracking software to accurately record entry times.  Your child’s safety is our utmost concern.

Preschool Lifelong Impact

Fox and Geddes note that experiences in our first five years of life, in part due to the rate at which our brains grow, have lifelong impacts.

They cite a 2014 UK study showing students who attended two to three years of preschool achieved higher overall exam scores, better grades in English and math.

According to international comparative tests (PISA, PIRLS & TIMMS), ‘children with at least two years of preschool achieve much higher scores at age 15 than those who attend no preschool or only one year.’

A Director with Heart

Meet Director Shirley Ptak Norlin

Shirley Ptak Norlin

Owner – Director

Bright Beginnings

    I became a mother of four children within six years.  With two children having diagnoses of various preschool auditory and language delays and disorders, I acquired experience home schooling and volunteering at a Montessori school, searching for unique methods to teach my children who did not flourish as well within mainstream education.  I discovered a variety of methods targeting various learning styles, multi-sensory curriculum, neuro-developmental approaches, and old-fashioned traditional teaching.  While also having a creative flare, enjoying drama, pantomime, guitar, singing, art, and teaching VBS, I was able to blend a lot of fun into teaching!  As a result, Bright Meadow Christian Preschool was born in 2003!

    My heart and personal ministry is to serve and meet the needs of children and families in our community, to share what I have gained from walking my own path, with all its challenges, with my own family and children.

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